Grand Prize: $15,000 donation to the non-profit organization
of the winning alliance's choice

What is the Nerd vs Veteran battle?

In this battle, there are two opposing parties, nerds and military veterans respectively, using their intelligence to fight for final glory in Immortal Conquest. The battle begins on Oct 21st and will continue to Dec 8th. After the campaign officially ends on Dec 8th, we will announce the winning side and they will have the right to nominate a chosen charity for donation.
Reward: A direct donation of $15,000USD to the chosen charity of the winning group.

How to participate the battle?

Select server: Art of War (server will open on October 21st at 10 a.m. PST.)
Join one of our featured alliances: Nerdcore(in Asgard)or 1stVETDIV(in Vanaheim)
OR choose a side and create your own alliance by naming it in this format: N_(your alliance name) or V_(your alliance name). For example, N_ImmortalConquest as a fellow Nerd Alliance allied with the featured Nerd alliance.
Fight for your side’s glory!

How to win the Nerd vs Veteran battle?

Whichever team takes control of the capital, Delphi, will be crowned the winner.
If Delphi has not been conquered by Dec 8, the team that captures and controls more regional capitals than the other will be crowned the winner.
Should a stalemate occur where Delphi is not conquered and both groups have taken over an equal amount of regional capitals, Immortal Conquest officials will split the $15,000 charity donation evenly between the charities from both sides, making a $7,500 donation to each. Members of each group will have the right to vote for their preferred charity. The charity with the most votes will be the chosen charity to receive the donation.

When will the winner be announced?

Campaign officially ends on December 8th. We will announce the winning group on Immortal Conquest Facebook and official website on December 10th.

Process for charity nomination?

Members of the winning group (Nerd or Veteran) will have the right to vote for their preferred charity. The charity with the most votes will be the chosen charity to receive the reward donation. After which, Immortal Conquest officials will directly make the donation to the charity on behalf of the group, and the receipt of the donation will be announced on Immortal Conquest’s official Facebook fanpage.


You can always go to our FB fan page to get more information:

Now's your chance to lead an alliance in the battle! Use your own special smarts and fight alongside your comrades in the name of glory!

What does an alliance leader need to do?

  1. Manage the alliance on a daily basis
  2. Organize and lead battles
  3. Promote your alliance in the server, invite players to join and help new players to survive in the battle
  4. Generate weekly report about alliance status, member status, territory expansion, battle status, next big plan and funny stories
  5. Fight for your alliance towards the final, glorious goal: Delphi!

How to apply?

  1. Prepare your in-game character, server name, alliance leadership experience, which alliance you want to lead (Nerd or Veteran), why you want to lead this alliance, and your plan for leading the alliance.
  2. Send this application by October 18th to our email:

When will the results be announced?

Oct 20th, one day before the campaign begins!


Amazon Card $25 per week for the entire duration of the campaign battle

We will invite many key influencers from different industries to join the battle including veteran, military officer, non-profit organization, big YouTuber, hardcore game influencers, venture capitalist, mechanical engineer, software engineer, investment banker, professor, etc.


  • · Everyone is on the same map only for a grand mission - to conquer the Delphi – live with a purpose
  • · It’s not about randomly killing each other, it’s about being part of something bigger and meaningful
  • · You can be the enemy or friends, and I don’t have to fight if you are not out for the throne
  • · Live or die doesn’t matter, only the victory does.


  • · You influence the world history
  • · The world progress is defined by the players and nobody knows how the story ends
  • · The winner at present may or may not sustain in the end


  • · The game mechanism reflects the concept how a real war starts:
  • · Territory is related to resources
  • · Connected border terrain is related to politics/diplomacy
  • · Resources is limited in one grand map
  • · War starts when resources are limited while expansion is needed


  • · Complete freedom of decision: be part of something bigger or be a leader yourself. The world progress is decided by players
  • · The competition starts immediately from the first terrain-border expansion


  • · Real player interaction starts from beginning –diplomacy and politics are inevitable for territory expansion and final victory
  • · Enemy or ally? It’s a real war of game theory


  • · The key elements of the game: travel time to conquer another terrain, and recruit time for the soldiers can’t be paid to speed
    up – territory expansion and army power can’t be played unfairly


  • · Well-balanced tactics are applied in the game such as hero cards, skills, soldiers type, battle formation and etc. Different combos lead to different strategies
  • · based on different strategies applied


  • · The competition between real players make the game complex
  • · The players have to use their strategic mind to survive and expand, and use their hearts to win over friends/allies. Every player will find their own values in the grand war